Mt. Marami

Mount Marami (Take 2)

Eight years ago, month of November, we tried to slog this mountain located in Magallanes, Cavite and that time we are denied to summit. Not even close I guess. There are several factors that surely contributed to our botched hike. (1) Weather – It was raining all day long (2) river was swelling with hip level water plus strong current (3) one of our colleague run into mild hypothermia (4) for some reason, we forgot to PRAY prior jump off. It all summed up, we have to abandon our hope to summit. We decided to go back home and keep those frustration within ourselves.


Mount Marami Take 2: April 9, 2016.

Not this time! After long eight years, we thought of trying it again, take 2. with renew confidence and hope, and to erase the scars that long time engraved in our vanity. To complete the quest that should accomplished long time ago. Second time around is a mixed feeling, memory still fresh. Place has not change that much. Even we failed to summit that time, the climb in Ā generalĀ has a lot of nice and happy memories.

We started early, around 0400H we’re already at barangay hall for registration and exactly 0430H, we hit the trail, I still remember how muddy it was before and by around 0630H, we had a glimpse of what we missed the last time. We reach the summit dubbed as “silyang bato” exactly 0810H. Take a look and enjoy the 360 view, the magnificent rock formation. Take nothing but photos.

The feeling of frustration that lurking around our pride for a long time washed away and replaced by complete pleasure. All memories that we shared in this place, we will cherished and remembered forever. Till next summit.


Take 2. We cannot be denied this time.

Photo Courtesy by Maam Salve, thanks for scanning the old photos. (buti may printed pix ka), you actually saved the day.Ā 

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