Dampalit Falls

I ain’t 100% yet, I still feel the stiffness on my right knee. Maybe it’s time hang up my jersey, no more competitive hoops. It just my legs can’t catch up anymore. There is nothing more fitting than to end it with a championship but this post isn’t about hoops and bragging rights.

Friday afternoon, yet still no plan or whatsoever, everyone is on 10-12 mode – stand by for further notice. I got message around 2000H, it’s a green light and assembly time at 0500H, we are going off the trail, somewhere south. Though I am still contemplating about my knee for a long ride, but I don’t want to spoil the party. Put my trust to my knee support to hold. All go no quits.

Next morning, we are on time. Taking short chat while sipping hot coffee, we are all set to ride and to meet up two more ride mate along the road. We ride along the busiest national highway all the way to Los Banos. This is the first time I ride off the trail for a quite long time, along with tough traffic, we ride fast. We reach Dampalit Falls in Brgy. Lalakay Los Banos then biked a short narrow trail about one kilometer. After that we have to carry our bike near waterfalls and I have to tolerate the pain.

The view was amazing and we spent few hours to chill out. Despite the fact that waterfalls don’t have enough water as we expect, the place was great, surrounded by huge trees and out of the sudden the rain was pouring and leaves us no choice but to enjoy the moment.

We ride out before 1300H, no more rain; we go straight under scorching sun. We take 20 at Henlin Calamba, then ride all the way home. It is nice to ride off the trail from time to time.


Photos courtesy by Zion

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