Mount Hibok-hibok

Mount Hibok-hibok is located in Camiguin Island, Northern Mindanao, Philippines, with elevation of 1332 meters above sea level. It is also known as Mt. H2 to mountaineering community. Camiguin Island is best known to its stunning wafer falls and sandbars but Mt. H2 has it own right to be must hike when in island. Mt. H2 is stratovolcano and latest activity was 1953. It remain active but so far no volcano activity for decades. Hiking Mt. Hibok-hibok can be done in dayhike, with 3-4 hours hike to reach the summit. Crater is good place for camping. There is a lake where you can dip in cold water.

Brgy. Yumbing trail is forested with gradual altitude gain. View in the crater is magnificent. 360 scenery of thick green forest. One of the best experience is after lights out where few big fruit bat circling around the tree where I setup my hammock. Uncomfortably thinking of aswang, but I don’t give a damn as I am solid rock exhausted. Camping is also sure thing to save you one night of lodge expenses.

My Itinerary:

Day 1:

0425H   – ETD from NAIA 3, Metro Manila
0600H  –  ETA to Laguindingan International Airport, Cagayan De Oro
0800H  –  Arrive at Agora Market, CDO. about 34KM from Laguindingan Int’l Airport.
– Ride a VAN to Balingoan Port, Misamis Oriental (74KM)
1000H  – Arrive at Balingoan Port, catch 1030H Ferry trip to Camiguin.
1230H   – Arrive at Betoni Port, Camiguin. After 2 1/2 hour Ferry Ride.
1230H   – Meet up my Guide Alan, then ride habal-habal to Brgy. Yumbing.
1330H   – Arrive at CheckPoint Restaurant and take quick lunch.
– Pack up necessities for overnight hike.
1400H  – Start Trek via Brgy. Yumbing jump off.
1700H  – Arrive in the crater. Drop the back pack and ready for summit.
1745H   – Arrive at summit and it getting dark.
1800H  – Start to descent back to camp site at crater.
1900H  – Dinner / Socials then lights out.

Day 2:

0300H  – Wake up call / Break camp
0330H  – Start to descrent back to Brgy. Yumbing.
0600H  – Arrive at Jump Off. Relax and headed to Yumbing finest sand bar.

In Day 2, you can directly proceed to White Sand Bar which also in Brgy. Yumbing. Early morning is the best time to visit this place. Camiguin is a small island. You can take tour all the tourist spot within a single day. Of course do not forget to include Tuasan Falls and Mantigue Island. Tricycle is major means of transportation. You can also rent motorcycle.

Guide is required in hiking Mt. H2. Registration is P200.0, you can request it to your guide to arrange this in your behalf. Allan (my guide) is a registered one, his number is 09066776450. He is nice and funny.

I don’t know when but I will surely back to this Island with company.






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