What if your dreams always comes into reality.


Just like one night, I had a dream…

Where this shadow in the dark saying:

“Your aunt is gonna die.”

I was so scared,

I woke up my parents.

But they said it was just a dream

And to get back to bed.

But the next morning,

My Aunt Ofelia was dead.

I don’t want to sleep anymore.

I don’t want to have a dreams.

But wasn’t three weeks later when the

Shadow came back to me in a dream…

And said, “Your daddy’s gonna die.”

I was really scared,

I didn’t know what to do.

Again, I woke and told my father, but he said:

“Oh, not to worry.”

But I could see he was rattled.

The next morning, he wasn’t himself.

Kept looking around, waiting for

Something to drop on his head.

Because the shadow didn’t say how it

Was gonna happen, just those words:

“Your daddy’s gonna die.”

Well, he left home early

And was gone a long day.

When he finally came back,

He looked terrible…

Like he was waiting

For the axe to fall all day.

He said to my mother:

“I’ve just had the worst day of my life.”

“You think you’ve had a bad day?”

My mother replied.

“This afternoon, your close friend Pat

Dropped dead on our living room and

I’m trying to call you.”

See? It’s uncle Pat afterall.



Adapted from novel, Big Fish by Daniel Wallace


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