I’m just a backpacker

I had been to some organize package tours lately offered by local travel agency. Well it was nice and comfy as everything is pre arrange. From transport, foods and accommodation, everything you need is already in place, just bring yourself. It was great actually, but there is something that I missed. Seems the excitement was lesser, knowing that everything was all set.

Maybe I am not used to it as I normally do it in my own way and time. Maybe I was little bit risk taker. Longing for the excitement of not knowing what next and improvise a new plan along the way. Best plan always come up in unplanned circumstances. The adrenaline rush when thing is not within your expectation. Meet the locals, travel and do things the way they do. Hearing their stories is the best part of it. It’s priceless, in some way or another, seems like they part of your life, they inspired you to go further, explore further beyond your comfort.

Good things about organized package tours is when you only travel in limited and specified time frame. It is easiest way to see places and have an adventure. However, you are tagged and bound to do things along with your group. It is definitely boiled down to personal perspective on how you want to do it. At a reasonable package rate, I will still avail them time to time but my expectation should be less. I am not fit to it, I love to get lost, I am not a tourist, I am just a backpacker.


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