Heisenberg Syndrome

It’s already about 3 years since Breaking Bad last episode “Felina” but Walter White Sr. aka “Heisenberg” persona still lingers in my memory. How a passionate high school chemistry teacher turns into ruthless criminal and drug lord kingpin still jolt my sense. Once a brilliant man that cofounded a company – Gray Matter Technologies that later on made a billion worth of fortune mostly from his research. While himself, Walter White Sr. living on paycheck to paycheck as chemistry teacher and part time work in local car wash shop.

Breaking Bad series introduce most unique character and stuffs you ever imagine. Who can’t remember Jesse Pinkman, an estranged teenager, drug addict and former Mr. White student? Have an idea how hydrofluoric acid can be use in case and how Jesse messed up simple instruction. Ever heard of fulminated Mercury? There you have Saul Goodman, a criminal lawyer, works as sort of Swiss knife for Waltz and Jesse. “Need help? Better call Saul”. Of course Gus Fring – multi awarded business man due to charity effort but all of this are facade. Mike the coolest and loving grandpa but coldblooded hitman. Hector Salamanca, retired Mexican drug cartel henchman. And last but not the least, Hank Schrader the DEA agent and Walt’s brother in law who leads the investigation about Heisenberg drug operation. I only mention character that seems for me has something that made BrBd so memorable. I purposely disregard Skyler, Walt’s wife. I don’t like her.

As every season rolls out you will witness how Walt and Jesse characters evolve. How circumstance leads to lies, betrayal, manipulation, love and trust. How Walter White became notorious Heisenberg. How desperate he is after being diagnosed to have terminal stage 3 lung cancer prompted him to last resort to free his family from financial burden. To use his skill in chemistry to produce high grade meth the drug world has ever seen and how he built his drug empire from the ground. With numbers of twist and turn in all 5 seasons, Heisenberg ended always on top of adversaries, until Felina – the finale. Every time I heard the Bad Finger’s song Baby Blue it makes me wonder if it ends up the other way around.

I don’t want this to be spoiler, I just couldn’t help it. Breaking Bad still one of the greatest series I ever watched.

Came across this short movie from youtube. “the evolution of Walter White”.


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