Sunshine Award Q&A

Well, definitely you can’t reject a rare request from aysa. So here I go.

  1. What made you start a blog?

I started writing in now defunct It serves as journal to our local mountaineering group such itinerary and important information. Unfortunately I was not able to copy the content prior sites shutdown. Ironically, I hate to take note during schools days. Maybe I want to exercise my eidetic memory, but the reality is I was a big fan of photo copy machine.

  1. Who/what inspired you to write?

Recently, there was someone that shares me about blogging. Though she may did not mean it but she accidentally kicks start what is brewing inside me, desire that long confined within me, and she inspired me big time.

  1. If you could travel back in time, who would you want to visit or which time period/era would you want to go back to? Why?

Well, I won’t go any far. I just want to go back 7 or 8 years ago, just to straighten out some stuff in my life. Looks like I am too self-centered. Okay, I will add an option 2. I will go back late of 1800, where Gen. Luna, fighting a war with American, and then plot a grander coup against Aguinaldo regime.

  1. If you would be given a chance (time, money, opportunity) to write and publish a book, what kind of book would it be? (If you have a title in mind, please feel free to write it down too)

Books? I have already hard time writing a blog what more writing a book. : ) Maybe I will write about foods, recipe from every place. Or maybe some sort of 101 tutorials such Boiling Egg for Dummies.

  1. If you would be given a chance (time, money, opportunity) to Or maybe some sort travel and spend a week, where would you go and why?

Alaska, I guess, spend one week in wilderness alone. Visit the magic bus 142 of Christopher McCandless. Have a week of self recollection.

  1. If you were to be a cartoon character (be it Disney or Marvel or Anime or whatever), who would you be and why?

Bugs Bunny! Simply because he is a winner, he always finds a way to come up on top. Outsmart every antagonist who try to bully him.

That’s all folks! 


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